Refferals and admissions

L1020120If you feel Ty Gwyn Mawr may be suitable for a particular young person, then please contact the manager Lee Hickman – 01792 581104  to discuss further.

Enquiries and Informal Visits are welcome, by appointment only.

  • All admissions to Ty Gwyn Mawr are planned, thus enabling young people wherever possible to visit and familiarise themselves with the home and staff.
  • Information required on referral – matching pro-forma/pen picture and assessment of risk of serious harm admissions form
  • An assessment will be made as to Ty Gwyn Mawr’s ability to meet the young person’s needs.
  • If this assessment suggests that their needs can be met and where appropriate, an informal visit to the young person will be arranged to assess the likely benefit of a placement at Ty Gwyn Mawr. Following this, a formal visit will be arranged to allow the young person, parents or guardians and a local authority representative to visit the home.
  • A final decision on the placement will usually be made within 3 working days of the formal visit.